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LH50 Ovulation test strips, free 50 collection cups and 50 LH ovulation prediction kits, track ovulation tests with precision, highly sensitive result

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MomMed Ovulation Strips provide reliable test results with over 99% accuracy - the LH urine test is accurate and gives you the peace of mind you need.
With the MomMed Ovulation Test Kit, you can test your ovulation at home and without having to call in a specialist.
The package also includes 50 urine cups. Other suppliers often do not provide urine cups. There is no shortage of our premium brand products.
Most Accurate Early Pregnancy Tests
With our tests, you can know whether you get pregnant or not 5 days before you miss your period.

25mIU Means No False 

Your body always contains LH hormones even if you're not ovulating.

Sometimes, you are emotionally unstable or after strenuous exercise, the level of LH hormone in your urine will rise, which may exceed 10mIU; if you test with a 10 mIU/ml sensitivity product, you may get a false positive.

Our ovulation tests and pregnancy tests have a standard sensitivity of 25 mIU/ml which is the most recommended cut-off level. The accuracy detecting HCG/ LH above cut-off is over 99% when used properly.

Make A Wonderful Love
MomMed pregnancy test strips can accurately predict whether you are pregnant. When our strips show you a positive, be prepared for the world's most precious gift in this world - the cutest baby!

Know What to Expect in 4 Easy Steps
Step 1 - Place in Urine
Allow the test device and urine specimen to equilibrate to room temperature 59-86ºF (15-30°C) before opening the foil pouch.

Remove the test device from the sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible

Step 2 - Wait 5 Minutes
Lay the strip down on a flat,non-absorbent, clean surface.

Start the timer and wait for the colored line(s) to appear.

Read results in five minutes.

Do not read results after more than 5 minutes.

Step 3 - Read the Results
1. Positive (LH Surge): If two color bands are visible, and the test band is equal to or darker than the control band, one will probably ovulate in the next 24-48 hours.

2. Negative (No LH Surge): Only one color band appears on the control region, or the test band appears but is lighter than the control band.

3. Invalid: No visible band at all or there is a visible band only in the test region and not in the control region. Repeat with a new test kit.

Step 4 - Track Your Ovulation

The LH hormone will increase to its peak 24-36 hours before ovulation.

The process in which LH increases from low to peak is called the LH surge.
How long the LH surge lasts can vary from woman to woman.

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